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23rd Congress of the Rei Cretariae Fautores

Dear Fautores, dear colleagues, dear friends!

At the last congress in Athens the upcoming 2024 Congress in Leiden was announced.
Here some key information about the congress. A First Circular and Call for Papers will follow at the end of this year.

We, the congress organisers, Philip Bes and Roderick Geerts, are very pleased to be welcoming the Fautores community to Leiden. The congress is organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University and the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. The congress will take place from the

15th of September 2024 to the 20th

followed by two days of optional post-congress excursions on the 21st and 22nd of September,

according to that wonderful Fautores tradition.
A full program will follow in due time, for now it is our pleasure to already share the congress theme with all of you:

(Cultural) Contacts & Ceramic Contexts

We are continuously presented with a wealth of archaeological remains and artefacts from across the enormous area once covered by the Roman world. This growing richness continues to provide us with new research challenges as well as opportunities. Pottery was an omnipresent medium, and in certain respects we can speak of empire-wide phenomena, such as the production of terra sigillata/red slip ware. When investigated more closely, however, we become increasingly aware that pottery was highly heterogeneous in terms of production technique, typological and decorative style, exchange range and intensity, and so forth. This perspective allows us to ask a variety of local, regional and ‘global’ questions, for instance concerning the origin and connectivity of objects and styles (e.g., ‘local’ vs ‘non-local’; distributed/absorbed via military presence), the spatial/regional extent of certain styles and customs (e.g., urban-based; a regional feature), or the factors which are thought to have played a role in shaping regional styles and patterns (e.g., landscape; production capacity; transport possibilities).

We hope if not expect to see all Fautores members and other ceramic specialists in Leiden in September 2024 and are already looking forward to an inspirational and interesting week. In case of questions, please contact us directly using this e-mail address: rcrfleiden2024@gmail.com

Best wishes on behalf of the congress organisors,
Philip Bes
Roderick Geerts



Final Program

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Final Lists of Lectures and Posters

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