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We aim to publish here selected notices of
- congresses and exhibitions of interest to those concerned with Roman pottery
- new finds of major interest
- requests regarding the identification of unusual pottery finds ("Who knows what this is?" But please note that we do NOT offer a general identification service!)
- other matters of direct interest to members of the Society.

Items/links for submission should be mailed in the first instance to the Secretary or President. It is the responsibility of those who submit information to ensure its accuracy, and their right to make it public in this way; the decision on what to publish on the site, and for how long, will remain in all cases with the Officers of the Society.

Latest news


Cor Kalee (1939-2017)

On May 9, 2017 our Dutch colleague Cor Kalee passed away, at the age of eighty. R.I.P.

Please read the obituary, written by Marinus Polak


Future of the ACTA   -   RCRF President's letter

Dear Fautores, 

following the decision made at the last Assembly Meeting, held in September 2016 in Lisbon,
to involve all members in the discussion about the future of the Acta, an email with a link to a questionnaire
has been sent to all active RCRF members.

To be informed about the advantages and concerns for each proposal for the future of the Acta,
please read the letter of our President!

We hope that after having a significant number of responses the Council will be able
to make a final decision and to present different scenarios to be voted at the next General Meeting 
of the RCRF members, to be held in September 2018 in Romania. 

Your opinion is very important to us!

If you did not received this email, please contact secretary@fautores.org.

Best regards,

Catarina Viegas, 
Fautores Secretary


Please have a look to our newest blog post:

"Friedrich-Karl Bittner, Zur Abfolge der ersten Dekorationsserien der Reliefsigillata-Töpfer in Rheinzabern"

F.R. (Blog administrator)


Anna Marguerite McCann  (12.02.2017)

We share the sad news of the passing of Anna  Marguerite McCann, honorary member of the RCRF since 2006
and active in the association for many years before that.
Her nephew remembers her at: http://www.prestonchild.com/archive/in-memoriam/IN-MEMORIAM;art548,597.

Read also the obituary, written by Archer Martin



Call for participation in the scanning of the RCRF Acta vols. 1 - 44

Dear Fautores,

Following our goal to make accessible the old volumes of the Acta, we are sending this call for participation
in the scanning of the RCRF Acta volumes 1 to 44.
For that purpose our colleague and webmaster Fridolin Reutti has prepared Guidelines for those willing to help
in this very important task.
Please fell free to contact him for further information at webmaster@fautores.org.

Best Regards,

Catarina Viegas (Fautores Secretary)


Please look below to the newest announcements for congresses of other institutions!


Homage to Sara Santoro

Our Italian colleagues  Marco Cavalieri and Cristina Boschetti asked us to distribute their invitation
for the participation in the Homage to Sara Santoro.

Please find more detailed information in the PDF PDF
and remember that the deadline to answer is the 15th of January (email to : marco.cavalieri@uclouvain.be or cristina.boschetti@unipd.it ).


Lisbon, Portugal, 25th September – 2nd October 2016

In Lisbon, we were guests of the UNIARQ, the Center for Archaeology of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. In partnership with the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage, the National Archaeology Museum, Lisbon City Council and Foundation for Science and Technology and assistance of the different museums and institutions, 30th congress of the Fautores was impeccably prepared by Dr. Catarina Viegas, ably assisted by Organizing committee (Inês Vaz Pinto, Rui Morais, José Carlos Quaresma and Elisa de Sousa) and many volunteers.
We are most grateful for the time and effort that Dr. Catarina Viegas and her team put into this congress and we shall remember the occasion as one that was truly both scholarly and friendly. We want to express our thanks to all involved and to say one more time how very much we appreciated the whole event.

For the report on the congress click  here !


Sara Santoro (22.09.2016)

On the eve of the Lisbon congress, the sad news arrived of the untimely passing of
Sara Santoro, professor at the Università degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti - Pescara,
who for many years was an active member of our association.

For the obituary, written by Simonetta Menchelli, look here


We enjoy to announce now Margherita Bergamini's last part of Scoppieto!

SCOPPIETO  IV/2:   I Materiali. Terra sigillata liscia, punzoni e matrici

For details click   here


Our colleague Luana Toniolo asks us to distribute the invitation to a  2-days conference in June 2016 at Pompei
about pottery production and circulation in the Vesuvian area,
organized by her and the Soprintendenza Pompei.

For details please see below at the Congresses and conferences of other organisations!


Gheorghe Popilian (28.10.1926 -10.02.2016)

We regretfully announce that our member Professor Gheorghe Popilian from Craiova, Romania, passed away, at the age of 89.
He was for all of us a moral and professional role model and his scientific contribution to the field of
ancient history and archaeology is undisputable. (D. Bondoc)

For the full text of the obituary, written by Dorel Bondoc, look here


"Big Data on the Roman Table"
A research network to develop approaches to Roman artefactual evidence for eating and drinking

Big Data Roman Table Questionnaire

Prof. Penelope Allison (Leicester) asked us to publish her letter:

"Dear Colleague

With funding from the Arts and Humantities Research Council, Professor
Penelope Allison (University of Leicester) and Dr Martin Pitts (University
of Exeter) have set up a research network which aims to develop approaches
to Roman artefactual evidence for eating and drinking whereby this wealth of
data can be investigated more effectively and be truly instrumental in
understandings of social practice across diverse social, cultural and gender
groups in the Roman world.

The principle aims of this network are to establish a research dialogue to
review and develop analytical methods for interrogating artefact assemblages
to investigate eating and drinking practices across the Roman world, at
household, community, regional and global levels, and to refine and develop
techniques for enhanced visual communication of analyses of the large and
complex datasets that constitute Roman foodways material culture.

The network will be holding two workshops over the next 12 months to address
these aims and to develop guidelines for best practice. The results of these
workshops will be published at the end of the project. Unfortunately, due to
limited resources the initial workshop is now full but if you are interested
in taking part in the Network we have an online Forum where you can view the
workshop programme and abstracts and add comments. We will shortly be
posting copies of the papers on this Forum.

If you are interested in being part of this Network please contact the
project administrator, Dr Sarah Colley (sc532@leicester.ac.uk ).

Whether or not you are interested in being part of this network it would be
very helpful for us to know about your or your organisation's current
practices in regard to collecting and analysing Roman foodways material
culture. We would therefore be most grateful if you would fill in the
attached questionnaire, to the best of your ability, and return it to Dr
Sarah Colley (sc532@leicester.ac.uk ), as soon as possible.

If you have any queries regarding this questionnaire please contact Penelope
Allison (pma9@le.ac.uk ) or Martin Pitts (M.E.J.Pitts@exeter.ac.uk )

Kind regards
Penelope Allison and Martin Pitts

Dr Sarah Colley
Research Project Administrator for 'Big Data on the Roman Table' Research
Network Project Honorary Research Fellow, School of Archaeology & Ancient
History, University of Leicester "

Big Data Roman Table Questionnaire (word-file)


Our member Rob Perrin asked us to publish:

Study Group for Roman Pottery On-Line Bibliography

Since 1986 the Study Group for Roman Pottery has compiled a bibliography of Roman pottery publications. The bibliography has appeared in the Group’s Journal of Roman Pottery Studies up to Volume 11 (2004), with these and subsequent entries being placed onto its website (www.romanpotterystudy.org). A grant from English Heritage has now allowed this bibliographic information to be turned into an on-line resource, organised and hosted by the Archaeology Data Service and accessible through the following link:

Various on-line bibliography data fields are searchable, but the bibliography is still a work in progress and additions, amendments and improvements will be carried out.


Congresses and conferences of other organisations


The Izmir Center of the Archaeology of Western Anatolia (EKVAM), Gulseren Kan Sahin, is glad to inform us for an

International symposium on


a terracotta vessel form and other related vessels
in the Hellenistic, Roman and early Byzantine Mediterranean

at   Izmir, Turkey
Dokuz Eylül University

May 17-18, 2018

First circular
Call for papers


Our member Viorica Rusu-Bolindeț asked us to announce the

International Workshop


at Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2nd - 5th of May 2017

organized by the National Museum of Transylvania and the Faculty of History of the Babeș-Bolyai University at Cluj-Napoca
in partnership with the Institute of Archaeology and History of Art of the Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca.

Program, Abstracts PDF Cluj WS     Objectives PDF Cluj


International Symposium


at Izmir, Turkey

May 17-18, 2017

First circular PDF   Second circular PDF   Program PDF  List of participants post-symposium excursions PDF


Our French colleagues asked us to publish the annnouncement of the

next congress of the    SFECAG


          at Narbonne (Aude)

Main subject:
Contextes littoraux entre Pyrénées et Rhône.
Contacts entre littoral et arrière-pays

25th - 28th of May 2017

Second circular with programm  Narbonne PDF

Actes SFECAG congress Autun 2016: Contents PDF        Available Actes SFECAG of earlier congresses PDF


We are invited to the

14th conference of the    

EMAC (European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics)

in Bordeaux (France)

6th - 9th of September 2017


  • Environmental and raw material studies (clay, temper, fuel...);
  • Gestures and techniques (chaîne-opératoire, production processes, object biography...);
  • Ceramic function and use (organic residues, use-wear analysis...);
  • Provenance and networks;
  • Technical ceramics (metallurgy, glass making...);
  • Slips and glazes;
  • New methodologies and data analysis (3D, portable and non invasive techniques, statistics...);
  • Chronology.

 For details klick here

Remember: Abstracts submission is open. The deadline is set for the 31st of January, 2017.


We are invited to the

4. Congress of the

(Sociedad de Estudios de la Cerámica Antigua en Hispania )

at Valencia

26th - 29th of April 2017 

  For details click here     Registration


Our colleagues from the Archaeological Institutes of the universities of Cologne and Bonn invited us
as pottery specialists and asked us to publish their call for panels for the

19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology at Cologne/Bonn, Germany

"Archaeology and Economy of the Classical World"

22nd – 26th May 2018

"In cooperation with the International Association for Classical Archaeology (AIAC)
the Archaeological Institutes of the universities in the neighbouring cities Cologne and Bonn
would like to invite you to the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology.
Economy is one of the main considerations in analysing the manifold material culture of
the Classical World. The aim of the congress is to present and discuss new and old
evidence, interpretations, theories and methods using an economic approach which has
become more and more common amongst archaeologists in the last years."

Call for panels

More information


Our member Christiane Römer-Strehl invites us to the 3rd conference of the

International Association for Research on Pottery of the Hellenistic Period (IARPotHP)

"Exploring the neighborhood:
The role of ceramics in understandig place in the Hellenistic world"


1st-4th of JUNE 2017

Call for Papers and more details (PDF) PDF

Recent publications notified to us


Journal of Hellenistic Pottery and Material Culture
Volume 1 2016

edited by Dr Patricia Kögler, Dr Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom and Prof. Dr Wolf Rudolph (Heads of Editorial Board).
xiv+212 pages; illustrated throughout in colour and black & white. Archaeopress.
ISBN 2399-1852-1-2016. ISSN 2399-1844 (Print), ISSN 2399-1852 (online).

Available in print (£30.00 [plus standard shipping rates]) and Open Access.

Table of Contents:
A Fill from a Potter’s Dump at Morgantina – by Shelley Stone
Trade in Pottery within the Lower Adriatic in the 2nd century BCE – by Carlo De Mitri
Hellenistic Ash Containers from Phoinike (Albania) – by Nadia Aleotti
Pottery Production in Hellenistic Chalkis, Euboea. Preliminary Notes – by Yannis Chairetakis
A Terracotta Figurine of a War Elephant and Other Finds from a Grave at Thessaloniki – by Eleni Lambrothanassi & Annareta Touloumtzidou
Moldmade Bowls from Straton’s Tower (Caesarea Maritima) – by Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom
Greco-Roman Jewellery from the Necropolis of Qasrawet (Sinai) – by Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom

Panathenaic Amphorae of Hellenistic and Roman Times – by Martin Streicher

Shelley C. Stone, Morgantina Studies 6. The Hellenistic and Roman Fine Wares – by Peter J. Stone
Pia Guldager Bilde & Mark L. Lawall (eds.), Pottery, Peoples and Places, BSS 16 – by Kathleen Warner Slane
Susan I. Rotroff, Hellenistic Pottery. The Plain Wares, Agora 33 – by Patricia Kögler


A. Muller/E. Lafli (eds.), Figurines de terre cuite en Méditerranée grecque et romaine.
Vol 1: Production, diffusion, étude.

École française d’Athènes, Bulletin de correspondance hellénique, supplément 54
(Paris/Athens, École française d’Athènes 2016). Pp. 517; ISBN: 978-2-86958-274-3.

The vol. II of the same book was already out in 2015 (for its review: A. Queyrel Bottineau, Revue des études anciennes 118/2, 2016. 632-635).

Address for orders: École française d’Athènes, 6, Odos Didotou, Kolonaki, GR-10680 Athens.
Tel.: +30.210.367 99 22.
E-mail: marina.leclercq@efa.gr

Preface and table of contents PDF


And now we enjoy to announce Margherita Bergamini's last part of Scoppieto!

SCOPPIETO  IV/2:   I Materiali. Terra sigillata liscia, punzoni e matrici

For details click   here



We are happy to announce

SCOPPIETO  IV/1.   I Materiali. Terra sigillata decorata a rilievo
a cura di Margherita Bergamini.
Testi di Cristina Troso e Valentina Dezza, con il contributo di Massimo Oddone,
Apparato fotografico di Stefano Simoni, disegni di Valentina Dezza e Viviana Grassetti.
Edizioni Quasar, Roma 2014. 208 pp. many ill. (bw+c).
ISBN 978-88-7140-553-7. € 35,00.

For details and order click   here,
for contents here

and also


SCOPPIETO III - Lo scavo, le strutture, i materiali (Coroplastica, Marmi)
a cura di Margherita Bergamini.
Editioni Quasar. Roma 2013. 304 pp., many ill., 8 color tables.
ISBN 978-88-7140-522-3. € 35,00.

For details and order click   here


Other News

25.1. 2013:

"A Passion for Roman Pottery"

An article, written by Philip Kenrick for Current World Archaeology:

For the complete article: click here  (Clip PDF also for download)

16. 12. 2011:

Our member Roberta Tomber has informed us
that the Study Group for Roman Pottery (SGRP) has compiled the

kiln site in honour of Vivien Swan.

Please look at: